Whether you’ve been a freelancer before or are completely brand spanking new to the world of freelancing, you may be looking at different types of freelancing. Luckily, the freelance world is pretty huge right now and there are so many different types of freelancing you can do, services you can offer and types of clients to work with.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the top types of freelancing businesses you can start – often with minimal investments to start off with.


Let’s start with the main type of freelancing behind this blog – freelance writing. It’s one of the most popular ones that people try. There’s very minimal start-up capital needed – if any. There’s also a lot of different things you can try in freelance writing alone.

Freelance writers can range from website content writers to advertising copywriters, bloggers, social media content creators, video script writers and everything in between. Pretty much every industry can benefit from a professional writer to take care of their website content. In terms of money, you can make pennies or some serious cash. You can definitely make a full-time income from this (which is what I do).

Graphic design

If design and creativity is up your street, then a career in graphic design can be very lucrative. Creating logos, social media headers, blog graphics and signage is harder than it looks and most businesses like to outsource those kinds of things these days. If a business doesn’t really require ongoing graphic design, they will typically hire a freelancer rather than an in-house worker.

Video creation

The popularity of video content has been growing in business for a few years and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. Many businesses have been slow to adopt it, but this is starting to change. Rather than hiring a full-blown video studio and a film crew, many businesses are reaching out to freelancers to create graphic-based informative videos or film interviews or promotional footage for them.If you can write, you can also provide video script services alongside video creation.

Virtual assistant

If being creative is not your thing, there’s a huge market for virtual assistants these days. Plenty of freelancers and small businesses who operate remotely need someone to help them organise their business from behind the scenes. However, virtual assistants can offer so much more than just admin work.

Some VAs will offer office services such as phone/email answering, appointment booking and so on but others will offer additional services such as blog content, social media management and even accounting help.

There’s a variety of services you could offer, depending on your experience, expertise and what you enjoy doing.

Social media marketer

If you love social media and have a knack for driving engagement on social media channels, then this could be the perfect industry to move into. If you’ve previously worked in social media, this is even better. Many people decide to take their skills into freelancing and run their own social media management businesses. A friend of mine recently did this after being made redundant at their last job.

Accountant/financial adviser

While it’s hard to compete with the massive accountancy firms out there, you can compete on price and by offering a personalised service. Becoming a freelance accountant has many challenges but could be a worthwhile career – particularly if you’re fed up of being part of a big firm.

Alternatively, you could go into financial advice either by offering a consultancy service or even setting up a financial blog. Ideally, you should have some professional training in either accountancy or finance in order to give out advice. People will need to trust your expertise and one way you can do that is through professional qualifications and experience.

Personal trainer

Love fitness? There’s always a huge need for personal trainers and diet experts. Many of us would love to lose a few pounds and get into a regular exercise routine but it can be hard without a bit of guidance. Personal trainers often work as freelancers either independently or even as a contractor through gyms and health clubs.

Beauty therapist/hairdresser/manicurist

Fan of beauty, skincare, hair care or manicures? You can become a freelance beauty therapist, hairdresser or manicurist. Some freelancers will visit people’s houses to offer services in the local area. Others will have a stall or even a shop where they practice. Others will rent a seat at a salon and work as an independent contractor. There are a few options here to try out depending on what you love to do and how you want to work.

These are just some of the different types of freelancing available to you. There are plenty of other options including coaching and consultancy services. The best thing to do is take a look at your existing work experience and interests and see if it’s something you can provide yourself as a freelancer. It might take some adjustments but going freelance is very rewarding.

Are you thinking of going freelance? What other types of freelancing do you know about or have tried out? Let us know in the comments.