Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this time of year is a great time to take a break. It’s the perfect time to try and relax and to take some time to reflect on your year.

Hopefully when you return to work in the New Year, you’ll be all refreshed and ready to take on 2020.

taking a christmas break as a freelancer

If you are taking a break, naturally, you want all your responsibilities and work done and dusted before the year is out. So, in this post, I’ve put together a few tips on things to do before taking a Christmas break as a freelancer so you’re not left worrying rather than relaxing during the holidays.

Draft up invoices

The sooner you can get your invoices drafted up and sent out the better. It might be a good idea to create one and then schedule when it goes out if you’re planning to take a break. Just bear in mind that the recipient might not see it right away for the same reason.

If you’re not already using bookkeeping software for this, I currently use Wave which has been fine for me and easy to use. You can draft out invoices and automatically send them when you want.

Let clients know you’re taking a break

The chances are they will too, but it’s a good courtesy to extend to let them know when you will be available and when you won’t be. All it takes is a simple email to each of them.

Plan 2020

Now is a great time to plan ahead for a successful new year before you become too busy to again. Take some time to reflect over the past year and see where you did good and where you could improve. Use this hindsight to plan for a better year ahead.

Get a new planner ready for 2020

If you like organising and having everything prepared, now is a great time to get hold of a brand new planner or journal so it’s fresh and waiting for you to put your thoughts and plans in next year. You might even want to put your new plans in there now so they’re ready.

This is the one I’m planning to get because it’s designed around daily productivity and habits. Building positive habits is what I’m really going to be working on for next year.

Decide on a back to work day

When you’re self-employed and taking a break over the holidays, it’s easy to let the break bleed into January longer than you planned. That’s especially if the early days of the year aren’t very busy.

However, it’s good to have a firm day in mind for you to return to work, even if you haven’t got many client orders in. There are other things you can do to get ready for work such as planning your schedule, putting some work into marketing or your website.

Getting ready for work before you need to gets your mind in the right place when it needs to be. It’s not groggy from too much chocolate and lazing around for weeks when you finally get busy again.

I hope this little post has helped you prepare for taking a Christmas break as a freelancer so you can return to work successfully and in the right frame of mind in 2020. Best of luck to the year ahead.

What are your plans for taking a break? What loose ends do you recommend others tie up before leaving the office in December? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.